Homeless Man Who Couldn’t Care For His Dogs Finds Perfect Animal Lover To Give Them Proper TLC


How wonderful, I would feed my animals before myself…

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This homeless man understands the meaning of selfless love. And Robyn Arouty, a portrait photographer and animal rescuer based in Houston, wears her affection for all animals on her sleeve. It was her innate sense of compassion that led to her latest rescue: two homeless pups outside of the city’s train station.

During her lunch break on Oct. 4, Arouty was waiting for a train to pass along the tracks near her studio when she noticed the strays walking toward the moving train, she told HuffPost in an email. A man followed behind them, “holding a bag, looking generally tattered, not paying much attention to the dogs or much else,” Arouty wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

pup rescue
Courtesy of Robyn Arouty / Robyn Arouty Photography

After the train passed, Arouty asked the man if they were his dogs, and noticed that the animals were in need of medical…

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VIDEO: Mysterious truck convoy has I-64 drivers wondering if they’re in the “Twilight Zone”


I want to go to “Twilight Zone.”

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RICHMOND, VA — A seemingly endless convoy of semi-trailer trucks — with state police blocking any other vehicles from entering the highway had at least two drivers thinking they were in the “Twilight Zone.”

WTVR-TV reports that Adam Hicks and a passenger were driving on Interstate 64 in Richmond on Saturday morning.  He posted a video of the unusual scene to his Facebook page saying, “We’ve seen at least 30 so far. Here’s a whole new set of trucks coming up.”

“I want to re-iterate the interstate is blocked off. No incoming traffic,” said his passenger, identified on Facebook as Joyce Ord. “This is Interstate 64, Richmond. No idea what’s going on. This is getting more and more bizarre.”

What they were actually watching was the World’s Largest Truck Convoy for Special Olympics. It is an event designed to raise awareness and money for the Special Olympics.


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