Homeless Man Who Couldn’t Care For His Dogs Finds Perfect Animal Lover To Give Them Proper TLC

How wonderful, I would feed my animals before myself…

Emilio Cogliani

This homeless man understands the meaning of selfless love. And Robyn Arouty, a portrait photographer and animal rescuer based in Houston, wears her affection for all animals on her sleeve. It was her innate sense of compassion that led to her latest rescue: two homeless pups outside of the city’s train station.

During her lunch break on Oct. 4, Arouty was waiting for a train to pass along the tracks near her studio when she noticed the strays walking toward the moving train, she told HuffPost in an email. A man followed behind them, “holding a bag, looking generally tattered, not paying much attention to the dogs or much else,” Arouty wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

pup rescue
Courtesy of Robyn Arouty / Robyn Arouty Photography

After the train passed, Arouty asked the man if they were his dogs, and noticed that the animals were in need of medical…

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