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I was astonished in 2004 when the American people reelected G.W. Bush to a second term despite the unbelievably bad job he did as President. Under his watch the world economy crashed. Trump is much, much worse in my opinion. What to do? I’ll stop following American politics. Try to enjoy my remaining days on […]

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More evidence of DNC rigged voting machines in SC, just like the 2016 primary and presidential elections

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Richard Charnin
March 4, 2020


More evidence of DNC rigged voting machines in SC, just like the 2016 primary and presidential elections in which Sanders and Trump were cheated.

Probability of Fraud= 99.2%
Prob=normdist (EP, RS, MoE/1.96, true)
RS = Biden recorded vote share
EP = Biden exit poll share
MoE = margin of error

Biden RS…. EP……Diff….MoE…Prob Fraud
SC… 48.4% 44.7% 3.7% 3.0%… 99.2%


2016 primaries election fraud : 77 billion to one.

Tim Canova:“Today we are greeted with news that Wasserman Schultz just endorsed Joe Biden for the 2020 race. To many of us, this seems like déjà vu all over again.It was also reported that Biden outperformed the exit polls in yesterday’s South Carolina primary, which uses electronic scanning machines they bought from Election Systems & Software (ES&S) for…

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How To Master The Art Of Bullshit

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Taggle Talk

It’s been more than a week since I last posted, marking my longest absence to date in Taggle Talk‘s brief history. I apologise. I have been terribly, terribly worried that you, my dearest reader, might have given up on me and my failed reputation as a blogger. But I see that you haven’t and that is why I love you. It’s not that I forgot about you! I’ve spent much of this week trying to come up with a special idea, just for you. I’ve tried really, really hard but…nothing. My one and only thought was to write about Sunday’s horrific hangover, but then I remembered my father’s recently expressed concern that the themes of ‘alcohol’, ‘being drunk’ and ‘being hungover’ have become much too regular a feature on Taggle Talk. Again, I apologise.

Then, just when I’d given up all hope and considered plagiarising the work of somebody else, I had a lightbulb…

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What Has Helped You Do or Achieve This Year?



It’s the middle of November, a period of calm before the holiday season. As we approach the end of the year, we reflect: How has 2019 unfolded? Have I met my blogging goals? Are we on track to meet our business goals?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re using for your blog, your portfolio, or your website. How has your site helped you reach your goals? What has it helped you do or achieve this year?

Did you finally make a portfolio for your photography? Did you build a landing page for your consulting business so potential clients could learn more about you? Did you create an online hub for your organization to spread the word about what you do in the community? Or perhaps you returned to an old, neglected blog after years of not posting and carved out a much-needed personal space to write again?


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Emergency Action Alert! California Gov Newsom MIGHT NOT sign the Fur Ban (AB44)! If you live in the US, call him! 916-445-2841

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Armory of the Revolution

Gavin Newsom has ties to the biggest donors in California. Including furriers in San Francisco and Beverly Hills. The Fur Ban bill, AB44, has been on his desk for 2 weeks and it still isn’t signed.

He may be choosing between his donors and signing the bill.

It is important that he understand just how visceral this issue is for animal activists. And that we have very long memories.

There are two efforts underway to recall Newsom from office. If Newsom doesn’t sign the Fur Ban we have an immediate way to get even, and a chance to elect one who will sign a fur ban.

Another incentive,..

It is well known that Newsom has presidential aspirations.

Tens of thousands of animal activists across the country rewarding Newsom for his courage seems a no-brainer compared with those same tens of thousands of animal activists holding Newsom responsible for the entire…

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