Homeowners may no longer have to cover sidewalk repairs

The joy of home ownership.

Global News

REGINA – Residents might not have to dish out thousands of dollars to repair their sidewalks next year.

On Thursday, the city’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee will consider scrapping the controversial Local Improvement Program (LIP) that tacked those bills onto the backs of homeowners.

Through the LIP, homeowners have to pay for most of their own sidewalk repairs, unless they successfully petition against it.

Next year, any extra cost might only come if they want the work to be completed ahead of schedule.

“Say we had planned to do that in year five, but they want to do it in year one, they can apply for the program and participate financially that way,” Mayor Michael Fougere said.

It’s not exactly good news for people who have already seen the work completed.

Property owners with a sidewalk are asked to pay $414 per metre of frontage while those with only…

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Roger Goodell is going to get sacked


The Associated Press is reporting this evening that law enforcement provided the NFL with the now-infamous tape of Ray Rice sucker-punching his fiance five months ago, complete with a thankful NFL exec saying on voicemail: “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

For those who have been calling on the league to fire Commissioner Roger Goodell, this is when they get to take a knee and run out the clock.

If the AP story is accurate, there is just no way for the NFL to maintain any semblance of credibility — no way to “protect the shield” — with Goodell at the helm. Remember, it’s been less than 24 hours since Goodell went on television to say that neither he nor anyone else in the league offices saw the tape. At best, he was duped by an underling. At worst, he lied. Either way, he failed at his job.

This is no longer…

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