Bernie or bust pledge is Sanders’ last, remaining hope

Senior Veteran for #Bernie2016 or Bust.

Revolt Against Plutocracy

pledgeHillary Clinton is not going to be indicted for her multiple violations of federal statutes and careless handling of classified information. That means, it’s up to the superdelegates, and the only way they will change from voting for Clinton at the Convention this month to voting for Senator Sanders is if they become convinced nominating Hillary will cause the Party to lose in November. It is up to Sanders’ supporters to do that convincing.

Bernie or bust is a pledge to either write in Sanders on the ballot in November or vote for the Green Party candidate. However, no one will accompany you into the voting booth; so at the end of the day, you can take the pledge to scare the superdelegates and vote however you feel you need to. We recommend the Green Party because Secretary Clinton is more dangerous and Nixonian than Donald Trump. Join with the…

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