Solid Evidence That Clinton Is Corrupting the Political Process

Huck Fillary, Can’t keep National Security as secure as her Bank Transcripts. #HillaryForPrison2016 ← My Vote.

Armory of the Revolution


April 23, 2016

If You Want Solid Evidence That Clinton Is Corrupting the Political Process, Here It Is

The campaign openly skirts SuperPAC regulations in order to finance shady online propaganda efforts.

by Nathan J. Robinson

Whenever Hillary Clinton is accused of being a shady politician, who uses underhanded and unscrupulous methods, her supporters become extremely defensive. They say that all such allegations against Clinton are simply products of the right-wing noise machine, and that if Clinton is seen as venal and conniving it is almost certainly due to sexism rather than anything Clinton has actually done. Longtime Clinton operative David Brock has arguedthat when you get down to it, all of the scandals and allegations surrounding Clinton are little more than “nothingburgers.” Salons Gary Legum saysthere are simply “credulous people willing to believe any variation of legerdemain, no matter how irrational and absurd…

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