One thought on “Contact Us – WFLA News Channel 8

  1. 12 November 2014
    Richard E. McGinnis
    1905 Tidewater Court
    Wesley Chapel, FL 33543-5337
    Dear WCSH News 6,
    As a former resident of Maine I write in distress that the Maine division of support and enforcement withheld $218.70 from my Social Security Check in a letter dated October 30. 2014 from Social Security Administration.

    My children are 28 years old, daughter Kara and 29 years old, son Shane.

    Social Security Administration
    RE: We are writing to you about court order number 20087649 concerning your responsibility for child support, alimony or court ordered victim restitution.

    I infer that an error was made in that an order should have been implemented at my son’s place of employment in City of Biddeford /Saco instead of my income. I hope you might help me to get answers as foot dragging and lack of interest other than one person Aimee at (207) 624-4115.

    State of Maine
    Letter written by me to Enforcement &Recovery – 11 State House Station – 35 Anthony Avenue – Augusta, ME 04333
    Melissa Lovely – (207) 624-4100
    Debbie (207) 624-4100

    I do thank you in advance for any help regarding this matter.
    Richard E. McGinnis

    WFLA News Channel 8: Tampa Bay FL

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